Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wendy's Japan Foie Gras Burger

 وينديز يدخل السوق الياباني ببيرجر جديد غير تقليدي حيث يتراوح سعر هذا البيرجر 16 دولار أمريكي .. البيرجر التقليدي والمعتاد  في مطاعم الفاست فوود يتعرض مؤخرا لتطور رهيب بالطعم  وجودة المكونات .. وأكيد طبعا السعر سيتنهي عاليا .. كل شي بسعره يا بني بوتمبه
Judging from the picture it features the traditional square beef patty topped with foie gras topped with perhaps truffle butter. The word Rossini refers to Tournedos Rossini, a French dish involving filet mignon and foie gras that was purportedly created for the gourmand Italian composer Gioachino Rossini.
ممم .. من الوصف قمت أتخيل طعمها .. كبير يا وينديز 


  1. I remember trying wendy's burgers for the first time in Japan in 2009. it was great. when I returned to Japan in 2010 they've already shut down the chain there.I left disappointed :( when I tried it in the states it was ok, nothing great as the one in japan. I hope that i get back to Japan before this burger is removed from the menu :)

  2. Wendy's is changing his style and ingredients with new menu as he expanding worldwide .. I have seen new branches opened in Singapore , Dubai and soon in Kuwait