Friday, August 19, 2011

أفشل تصاميم السيارات

وجدت تقرير لأفشل تصاميم السيارات حتى الأن .. مادري اشفيهم على اللون الأصفر .. بس بصراحة السيارات قمة في البشاعة .. أترككم مع الصور


  1. I think the forth one is explorer right?

    I don't know what the engineers thought of when they designed these cars! Some of them are pure ugly.

  2. The forth car is ford-excursion .. bigger than explorer
    It seems that engineers are rushed to make new designs , just to make a change on current models

  3. loooooooooooooooooooooooool thani wa7da il9afra il9ghera ilqadeema bil3aks etshaweeeeeeeeeeg;p

  4. the list is comming from experts in car designs and sales in USA .. by the way ,sayarat Mr. Bean A7la men elthania