Friday, July 1, 2011

Pierre Marcolini

At Pierre Marcolini we do more than sell chocolate, we also have a wonderful assortment of gourmet macaroons. Along with our delicious chocolates and macaroons we offer a wonderful assortment of silver and crystal trays and glass platters that we lend (with a service deposit) to new mothers, brides or anyone celebrating a special event.Or if you wish, these trays and plates can be purchased. If you prefer to use your own bring your trays to our shop and let us prepare something special just for you. Come down and see our new Summer Collection. It's amazing.
Pierre Marcolini is synonymous with good taste and the elite of Kuwait are using our product on a regular basis. Come and taste our chocolate and find out why everyone says: “For all your special events, say it with Marcolini”. This phrase was coined by one of our customers and we liked it so much we now use it as our slogan.

Call us at 2259-7288 and let us help you make your special event the best it can be.

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