Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Safest place to eat in Kuwait is …….. Hardee’s!

Yesterday I called a friend of mine who had taken some time off and is resuming work this week. The conversation went as follows (not exact quotations; for two reasons. First, I wasn’t tape recording the call. Second, there is the whole translation thing).

Me: “so work tomorrow, that must be fun for you.”

Him: “not really.”

Me: “why the hell not? We’ve been slaving at work while you’ve been chilling at home for the past three weeks”.

I’m omitting part of the conversation where he explains what he was doing the first couple of weeks. It doesn’t serve our topic.

Him: “and by the way I’ve been in the hospital for the past week.”

Me: “Salamat, what happened? How are your doing now?”

Him: “Food poisoning, I’m better now”.

Me: “I’m sure its cause you keep eating at Hardee’s”. Its funny how we always relate food poisoning to Hardee’s or KFC.

Him:”actually it happened in the week that I didn’t have Hardee’s”.

Me: “Lol.”.

And the conversation drifted to other topics.

Well, after reading the update on the rotten food shipments hitting Kuwait lately, something sparked in the back of my mind. Could he have had food from those shipments? I remember reading something last week about how some of those shipments were already distributed to restaurants around Kuwait.

Then another thought dawned on me, if he had hardee’s that week instead of eating in other restaurants would he have gotten sick?. Well, Hardee’s gets all its products imported through its mother company Americana. Nothing is bought from local food importing companies. So it’s safe to say their meat is not what’s been the making headlines for the past few days.

Well it hasn’t been proven what was the cause of my friends illness (I didn’t ask for details). But at this point of time I can honestly say that I feel safer to eat at Hardee’s than any other restaurant in Kuwait.

This is not in any way an advertisement for Hardee’s. I believe that Hardee’s is a junk food joint. With only two good qualities:
1- It delivers in less than 30 min.
2- And if you get a stomach ache from eating it, usually it takes only two hours for you to be back and running.

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  1. i kinda disagree with you, even thou i agree that hardees is my love for ever =p but the quality of the food is in the down slope and the prices in the opposite direction going up.