Tuesday, November 9, 2010

KVM switch. it's not space age technology. it's available in Ben Khaldoon Street

I've been asked, more accurately forced, to provide a post about a small device I bought the other day from Bin Khaldoon street while being fortunate to be in the company of our good friend Almostblogger. The Device is call a KVM switch and while it's not in any way a new technology Almostblooger asked for this post.
The acronym stands for Keyboard, Video and mouse switch.. I think. (if you're that interested google it). what it does basically is connect more than one device (computer) to a single keyboard/Video (monitor)/mouse setup. where you can switch between the devices and control all of them from that one setup.
Now some of you might think “why the hell do i need that. i don’t even own a keyboard, monitor or mouse. i just use my laptop that has all these”. well true for most people cases, where they have either one laptop or PC, this would be pointless. But take the case of a guy who has a PC and a laptop (wow, who could have imagined that). This guy will benefit from the space on his desk by having only one keyboard / mouse / monitor setup that work on both machines (not simultaneously, you switch between them. hence the name SWITCH).
If anyone is interested, the one i got is the Trendnet TK-407k (USB - 4 ports). It sells for 13 KD and it has a decent switching speed (2~5 sec). And you can get the (USB - 2 ports) for 6 KD. Dunno how much the PS/2 ones cost but i figure they should be something close to these.

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