Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Acanthe School of Etiquette & Protocol - ASEP's One Year Anniversary

وصلني ايميل أتيكيتي يتحدث عن هذه المدرسة لتعليم فن الأتيكيت والبروتوكول ... الفكرة ممكن أن تكون غريبة للبعض ؟! ولكن المدرسة ماشالله تحتفل بمرور سنة على نشأتها و بأيادي كويتية خالصة ... للمهتمين من جميع الأجناس والأعمار بما تقدمه هذه المدرسة أترككم مع هذه النبذة المختصرة

Acanthe School of Etiquette & Protocol Celebrates a Successful First Year

Acanthe School of Etiquette & Protocol, the FIRST of its kind in Kuwait, celebrates its one year anniversary after its success since the launch in October 2009. The school, with its numerous courses from everyday etiquette to professional business protocol, has attracted a wide audience from different age groups, societies and institutions.

Hanadi Khazal and Rawan Alabdulrazzaq, the school owners, stated that the school has been under establishment since 2006. During which, it worked in obtaining authentication from local and international entities allowing the school to be leading in its region and within global standards.

The school has, also, worked hard to customize its courses in order to teach this beautiful international code of respect, to both children and adults, to pertain to the local culture and principles. The school can also tailor-make special courses for family members, groups or corporations as well as individualized coaching in any requested subject.

“Our pride is to see one of our Little Princesses’ students or graduates joyful that she has been noticed for her poise or see a customer leave the Art of Flowers course with an arrangement that she/he has proudly and independently created” said the duo, Hanadi Khazal and Rawan Alabdulrazzaq. They continued, “Our customers are our success. Without them, we won’t be where we are today. We promise to make every effort to constantly meet and hopefully exceed their expectations with our services and continuous launching of new courses.”


  1. It is really nice to a school that teaches the etiquette in Kuwait ..

  2. many things can be taught as many people willing to know and explore