Sunday, October 17, 2010

Almost Travel : Singapore '10 - Architecture Talks (2)

Clarke Quay and Downtown Overview

In one of the malls infront on Bugis Village

Orchard Central Mall at Night

Raffles Place

Ritz Carliton

Orchard Road - The picture looks nicer in her camera

Orchard/Scotts Road Junction

Orchard/Scotts Road Junction at Night

The Cony Glass Enterance at Night


  1. Interesting posts... Loved your signature Almost ABCD... you just need to work on the aesthetics. Times New Roman feels too formal... this isn't a high school essay.

  2. Thanks for your comment...they are neither informal posts nor formal ones ... they are almost posts :)

  3. Singapore has one of the best city view & skylines ever !

  4. absolutely agree... incase the sky is clear... cause most of the time it is rainy/cloudy