Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BlogBooster : Posts from my iPhone

I was thinking to post from my iPhone ... Something fast and light ... I asked my friends but didn't Google it .. I want it easy ya 3azizi ... Daaah !!! ... The "App Store" ... Yes the one every appler knows ... just search for blogger to find set of applications ... I choose BlogBooster which is free to test it ..

It supports all kind of blogs ... Mine (blogger) is there...yeehaa !

Choose your type and put your user name and password ... and press on upload images to

You have to create Picasa account to upload the pictures for the blog...

Very easy ...Create your account and write the description of the blog album... Then test the connection

Now , the blog is added (Note : make sure to sync the blog all previous posts will be shown in the screen )


Now I can post through my iPhone (to add a picture press on A)

And that's almost about it ...

Note : don't overload the posts with many pictures as it might be frozen,and the post wasn't published directly,but it was drafted in blogger, need to figure out the solution)
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