Sunday, September 19, 2010

Almost Review : b+f Open Flame Kitchen

Everybody was reviewing it as one of the best restaurant recently…of course it is following the success of " Burger Boutique" and  "Slider Station"... The decoration is simply amazing ... the menu is so diversified....With regards to the music, it needs to energetic but yet needs to be calm and classic ! no need for high bass !! … high volume!!

Anyway, welcoming drink was there first, and different types of bread sticks with some cheese were so cheesy…Some people are complaining why the restaurant has similar dishes to "Boutique" and  "Slider"…daaah ! why changing successful and tasteful dishes. In contrast, one of the potato dishes "Boutique" is famous for … I guess its name is “Street Style Potato"( potato balls) …usually it comes with ketchup,mayo and roasted garlic... but in OFK no may ... no ketchup !! ..only the rounded potato balls... there is a change but it was not a good change

Could be corrected easily with extra ketchup and mayo ! ... Lamp  veal chops mmm looks very delicious as it was my friend's order ... and the sliders of course are the best made in Kuwait… the price is somewhat expensive, but worth it.

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